Wat Pho "The Temple of Reclining Buddha"

10 Popular Temples in Thailand That You Must See

There are nearly 95%1 of Thailand’s population who are Buddhists so you shouldn’t be surprised if traveling to Thailand usually comprise visits to the stunning temples in major cities. These spots, after all, are indelible parts of Thailand’s wonderful culture. However, the opportunity to see these magnificent architectures does not end in the city alone. Temples – as beautiful as those in Bangkok – are spread across the country and are just waiting to be visited by curious tourists and devotees.

Among the suggested temples are as follows:

1. Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew "Temple of the Emerald Buddha"

Wat Phra Kaew “Temple of the Emerald Buddha” | Credits : Best In Bangkok

More famously known as the “Temple of the Emerald Buddha“, Wat Phra Kaew is known as the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. Located within the complex of the Grand Palace in Central Bangkok, this stunning architecture serves as the religio-political symbol of the nation. Many people believe that tours to Bangkok will never be complete without visiting this place.

Image Credits : Wat Phra Kaew | Best in Bangkok

2. Wat Arun

Wat Arun "The Temple of the Dawn"

Wat Arun “The Temple of the Dawn” | Credits : Janna Maica

Admirably standing by the Thonburi west banks of the Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun – or the “Temple of the Dawn” – is considered as a symbol of Bangkok. Being in existence since the 17th century, this temple is hailed as a prized possession of the city. It is named so because as the sun rises every morning, Wat Arun glows with pearly iridescence. It produces such a spectacular spectacle.

Image Credits : Janna Maica

3. Wat Benchamabophit

Wat Benchamabophit "The Marble Temple"

In Dusit District in Bangkok can be found perhaps one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples, the Wat Benchamabophit. Easily known as the “Marble Temple“, it flaunts an imposing architecture which comprises lacquered tiered roofs and ornate gilded accents. It is so famous that one can even see it at the 5-Baht coin.

4. Wat Pho

Wat Pho "The Temple of Reclining Buddha"

Wat Pho “The Temple of Reclining Buddha” | Credits : Earth Explorer

One of the most imposing Buddhist temples in Bangkok is at the Phra Nakhon District. It is the Wat Pho, or better known as the “Temple of the Reclining Buddha“. As its name suggests, this is where people can find one of the largest reclining Buddha in the world, along with thousand other statues. It is one of the largest and oldest temples in the city and is also visited for its cultural value.

Image Credits : The Temple of the Reclining Buddha – Wat Pho Bangkok | EarthExplorer

5. Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep | Credits : Tripandtravelblog

A Theravada Buddhist Temple in Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep is basically a favorite tourist destination in the province. Boasting of charming gables and a gilded chedi, the temple is sure to astound anyone who lays eyes on it. Located in a high area, people should climb a 309-step stairs to get to the temple. The location also provides tourists with the opportunity to marvel on the beautiful Changmai from afar.

Image Credits : What to see in Thailand | Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai | Trip and Travel Blog

6. Wat Chiang Man

Wat Chiang Man

Wat Chiang Man | Credits : Yan’s Footprints

Another lovely temple in the Chiang Mai province is the Wat Chiang Man. Built in 1297 CE, it certainly is an indispensable part of Thailand’s history. Located inside the old city, the rather small temple perfectly blends with its setting. The quaint charm of the building complements the nature in which it is nestled.

Image Credits : Places to Go in Chiang Mai | Yan’s Footprints

7. Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Wat Chaiwatthanaram (UNESCO World Heritage Site) | Credits : The Road to Anywhere

A part of the very prestigious World UNESCO Heritage Site Ayutthaya Region, Wat Chaiwatthanaram basically is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the area. Located by the banks of the Chao Phraya River, this splendid Khmer-style edifice used to be a royal temple where Thai monarchs would conduct religious ceremonies including cremations of the deads.

Image Credits : Temples of Thailand: Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Ayutthaya | The Road to Anywhere

8. Wat Phra Pathom

Phra Pathom Chedi

Phra Pathom Chedi | Credits : William Zhang

A rather simple temple it may be, but Wat Phra Pathom in Nakhon Pathom is known and visited for its large chedi. Standing 127 meters tall, this is hailed as the largest of its kind in the world. It is believed to be in existence since the year 675.

Image Credits : Phra Pathom Chedi |  William Zhang

9. Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong | Credits : My Nomadic Habits

In Phuket, there are numerous important Budhhist temples erected for the people to visit. One of these is the Wat Chalong, a splendid edifice located in Tambon Chalong, Mueang Phuket District. It is dedicated to two highly venerable monks, and has been famed for its magnificent pagoda.

Image Credits : Top 5 Things to Do in Phuket, Thailand | My Nomadic Habits

10. Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua

Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua "Tiger Temple"

Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua “Tiger Temple” Entrance | Credits : Around the World in 1000 Days

Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua "Tiger Temple"

A buddhist monk and the tamed tiger | Credits : Re-train Your Brain to Happiness

More commonly known as the “Tiger Temple“, this unique place in Kanchanaburi is primarily visited by people for the Indochinese tigers that live with the monks. It is actually a forest temple founded in 1994 and has become a sanctuary for other wild animals like deers, water buffaloes, camels, and gibbons.

Image Credits:
Around the World in 1000 Days
Re-train Your Brain to Happiness

True enough, there are 40,7172 of other temples across Thailand; so people who are into these kinds of destinations should not hesitate to visit the country.

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Cartoon Network Amazone (Thailand)

Where to Go Next for the Children-At-Heart?

In the modern and fast-paced present time, adults find it already difficult to go back to their being a child. The world has turned so demanding and demeaning to anyone who exhibits attitudes the society presumes to be beyond the dictated definition of maturity. But as any sane person would say, there is nothing wrong with being a child again. It’s a good way to maintain a good psychological health as it frees busy minds from all the stresses and anxieties brought by adulthood.

This thought brings us the answer why there are still a lot of adults who would spend time and pay dollars to visit amusement parks around the world. And in support to the idea that we all have to be our young selves again, here is a list of some of the wonderlands around the world for everyone:


1. Cartoon Network Amazone (Thailand)

Cartoon Network Amazone (Thailand)

Credits: Travel Thailand

The first Cartoon Network Water Theme Park is set to open on 31 July 2014 at Bang Saray, just 10km south of Pattaya, the Cartoon Network Amazone will bring popular cartoon characters are Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls to Thailand. With its development supported by Thailand’s Amazon Falls Co., this new spot will cover about six hectares of land. It’s going to be an exciting Amazon-inspired waterpark that will feature 150 water attractions in 10 different themed zones including The Omniverse; Adventure Zone; Cartoonival; Riptide Rapids; Mega Wave and Surfarena. Foodville, a food court serving international cuisines, will be positioned inside to accommodate everyone. According to officials, the park anticipates a million guests on its first year, with around 3,000 visitors a day.


2. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (China)

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (China)

Credits : Huffingtonpost.com

In the vast island of Hengqin in Zhuhai in Guangdong, the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is set to open its doors to people before the end of this year. It will be divided into eight zones which will feature exciting rides as well as performances and animal shows. It is believed that the park will give home to what is to be the new largest cetacean and shark aquarium in the world. It will also have a 1,888-room Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel that has spacious ballrooms, executive club lounge, meeting rooms and a spa. The theme park is seen to boost the tourism industry in the island.


3. Enchanted Kingdom (Philippines)

Enchanted Kingdom (Philippines)

Credits: Wikimedia

It is not exactly a new place but with its 10-year expansion plan set to be completed in the next few years, Enchanted Kingdom aims to retain its title as the first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines. This attraction in Sta. Rosa City in the province of Laguna will be setting up new rides, commercial space, hotels and a convention center. Included in the plans is the establishment of a zone featuring the culture of the Philippines, as well as a new village featuring Eldar the Wizard, the mascot of Enchanted Kingdom.


4. Villages Nature (France)

Credits : OnePlanetCommunities.org

Credits : OnePlanetCommunities.org

Seeing an eco-friendly resort in the lovely city of Paris is getting close to reality once the gates of Villages Nature open up to the public on 2016. This new attraction will comprise more than 2,000 cottages and apartments in a 180-hectare land. It will be completed with an outdoor geothermal lagoon, waterpark, lush gardens, foot paths, horse-back riding trail, and organic farm for everyone to enjoy. There will also be a lakefront promenade graced with shops and themed restaurants. This will surely be a good place to unwind when the overly-modern lifestyle of the City of Paris became too overwhelming for one’s taste.


5. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Japan)

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Japan)

Credits: Universal Studios Japan

Magic has arrived to Japan as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened its doors last 15 July 2014. This US$482-million development will feature replicas of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade Village, with unique rides that will certainly make Harry Potter fans go nostalgic yet excited.


6. KidZania Singapore

KidZania Singapore

Credits: AirTicketonSale.com

Fusing entertainment and education, KidZania Singapore is one of the most anticipated theme parks in Sentosa Island to open on 2015. To occupy an area at the Palawan Beach, this Singapore attraction targets an annual visitor of 500,000. This kid-sized city will feature facilities that will allow the children to role-play more than 90 different jobs, earn ‘money’ to pay for everything, and manage an ATM card. Although the children-at-heart cannot actually make use of the amenities, they can find joy in seeing their children get exposed to the adult life. No arcade games or rides will be featured in KidZania to preserve the main goal of educating children.

There is no age limit in enjoying life so what’s the point of keeping yourself bound with the norms? You’re an adult, sure; but you have a childhood to go back to. So give yourself a chance to see these wonderful wonderlands.


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Pool Deck - Royal Caribbean Mariners of the Sea

The Joy of Cruise Holidays

The Path Less Travelled


Nowadays, traveling is becoming more of a lifestyle than a privilege to those who loves to wander and get lost – in a good way. And admittedly, many prefer to take the road less traveled by going on cruise holidays.

Going out for a luxurious cruise is certainly one of the best experiences a traveler could ever have. Although most people think of it as a very expensive mode of vacation, it is becoming one of the latest trends in the travel industry today. Maybe it is the way the cruise line companies are trying to reach out to people thru unique promotions they offer. Cruise lines companies are pushing their efforts to attract more guests by offering a value for money package and at the same time a great destination to sail to.

Putting it simply, cruising is an exciting option for relaxation and rejuvenation. It is an interesting activity, not just for the socialites, but also for those who wish to stay within their budgets. Therefore, there is no place for hesitations about going on a cruise. What you have to do is start preparing for one of the most spectacular experiences to ever happen in your life.

Cruising indeed charms people and is a prime definition of “vacation“. Staying in the middle of the sea deprives travelers of the possibility for distraction from work and other things. Being in such location gives them no choice but to concentrate on make use of every minute there is aboard.

Some cruise ships also promise people an impeccable encounter with luxury; and no one can say no to it. Posh holidays are always unforgettable, after all.

Why Cruise?cruise2

It is understandable why the idea of cruising can be overwhelming, and why there are some who won’t give it a try. However, don’t let the fear of going out of your comfort zone hinder your chance to explore the beauty of voyaging. There are many reasons why you should try it. Listed below are some:

1. Travel Far, Unpack Once
Unpacking our luggage can be totally daunting especially if we have lots of things with us. This is one usual drawback of traveling far by land as we tend to pack and unpack whenever we come and leave a certain place. With cruising, there’s no necessity for this. We travel far but we have just one room all throughout. Meaning, we don’t need to transfer our stuff to different places.

2. Amazing Destination

Contrary to some people’s initial beliefs, cruising does not mean staying in the middle of the ocean and just seeing water everywhere during the whole tour. Ships dock and passengers are permitted to explore beautiful destinations as tourists. As cruises are tagged as luxurious, the destinations should of course match the whole ordeal. That’s why people can expect to visit really stunning places.

halong bay vietnam

In photo: Halong Bay, Vietnam

3. Value for Money
It is a common notion that cruising is expensive. Well, it could be; but the point is it is worth it. The value of the costs paid by cruisers is definitely maximized on board. Ships do exude impeccable opulence and there are endless of things to do when there. Cruise lines definitely give their passengers what they paid for, things that they really do deserve.

4. Do a Little, or Do a Lot
Looking for a cruise trip doesn’t necessarily consist of a rigid process. Sometimes, entrusting everything to an experienced cruise tour agent is the best route to take to save ourselves from the hassles and bustles of these things. That’s doing a little; but once we’re on board, we’ll find out how endless the opportunities for entertainment and discoveries are. Cruise ships luxuriously offer different activities that would keep passengers entertained all the time. There is so much to choose from.

5. Floating Resorts for All

Pool Deck - Royal Caribbean Mariners of the Sea

DJ playing lively music by the pool deck at Royal Caribbean Mariners of the Sea

Some people joke that when you want to swim when you’re on a cruise, you just have to jump off into the ocean. But the reality is this: when you want to swim while on a cruise, you just have to dive into the swimming pool because most likely, there’s one in the deck. A floating resort, as it is often called; it’s just like how the typical resorts on land are. Well, except the pool’s on a ship.

6. Enjoy Luxury Fine Dining


Fine dining at Royal Caribbean Mariners of the Sea

Luxury is what a typical cruise ships are made of; and of course, this extends to the dining venue. Cruise ships are well-known for its posh dining on board. Classy meals are served in a very sophisticated sort of fashion, in a very chic setting. More good news? Cruise ships usually don’t just have one restaurant. There’s often several options which passengers can choose from. If you’re not for fine dining, chances are there are other venues that would fit your budget.


The Cruising Excitement


The Royal Caribbean Mariners of the Sea performers at the Savoy Theater

As pointed out previously, and in total contrast with the popular idea, cruising is never a boring activity, as much as it is not always expensive. Not a lot of people know that taking a cruise is a lot more exciting because it offers different kind of activities on board.

A cruise ship is a fusion of a huge hotel, shopping mall and entertainment hub. Your experience is not limited to dining & cinemas alone. For the so-called health buffs, most ships has a “wellness” section always while on board where one can go to gym anytime. Then there’s option for spa and massage too!

Furthermore, rounds of golf, tennis, basketball or cricket may also be played on board – thanks to the sports courts provided. Bowling, rock climbing, line skating, and ice skating may also be done in selected cruise ships.

World class entertainment is also provided on-board that will either make the guests enjoy a musical extravaganza, or give them a thrilling & fun show. Passengers who are into movies will also be delighted to know that some cruise ships actually have cinemas.

ICE as Michael Jackson in Costa Cruise

ICE as Michael Jackson at Costa Cruise

in photo: Allure of The Seas Aquashow Theatre. Photo by Precoa.com

Now who said cruising is boring?

Tips for First Timers

You know what to expect and you’ve found your reasons to try; but if you still feel nervous about going on a cruise, it’s normal. After all, trying something that you haven’t done before can be a little nerve-wracking; but hey, it’s going to be worth it.

There’s always a first time for everything; and to counter the anxiety, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when planning a cruise vacation:

1. Make a reservation as early as possible.

Book a cabin as early as possible. | Photo by Costa Victoria Cruise

Photo by Costa Victoria Cruise

It is best to do an advanced cabin booking so you could still have a chance to get the best location. Major cruise lines starts selling their slots for cabin rooms several months before the scheduled sailing period. The earliest possible time you book, the more chances that you can select the best cabin location with the best rates.

Tip: Promotions on rates are usually offered months before the sailing dates. These deals which may sometime reach up to 50% off are usually beneficial to those who travel with families and friends. Sometimes, major cruise lines even allow kids 12 years and below to join the cruise for free.

2. Choose a good date.Caribbean Islands
Some dates may not be appropriate for cruising, and these are when the weather is not good. When booking your cruises, you need to check the weather forecasts. An agitated ocean is not exactly the best place to be.

3. Go to where there is less.
Many people who join cruises opt for the Mediterranean and the Caribbean; and those destinations may be very expensive. Therefore, go to where others won’t; or where less people would prefer. Asian cruise offers great sights too. Halong Bay in Vietnam is one of the most beautiful cruise destinations in Asia; and it is recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. It offers a stunning view of limestone island formations through the emerald-colored waters, and is definitely a sight to behold.

4. Bring companions.

It's more fun when you are not alone

It’s more fun when you are not alone

Whether it is your whole family, a loved one, or your friends; bring them with you for a cruise. A cruise ship, like a hotel, is equipped with first class facilities and services which would allow all of you to relax, rejuvenate and have fun while on board. It is a good experience you will want to share with everyone dear to you!

5. Fix your official documents.
Getting on a cruise is also like riding a plane. It means you may enter another country where you are a foreigner. Unless you get on a cruise which does not dock, it is necessary to have a valid passport and/or a visa with you. Some countries allow no-visa entry as long as you don’t stay beyond the permitted time and you are with an authorized tour guide when you roam around the city.

Tip: Whenever you are traveling to a different country, always keep a photocopy of your personal identification documents. It’s also a good idea to save a soft copy to your email.

6. Pack some formal clothing.

cruise formal diningBe ready to attend formal events and gatherings when you go on a cruise. Most likely, the experience will involve formal dining that would require you to wear formal attires. So you better be prepared so as not to be left behind.

7. Find a promotion when you book.
There is no need to spend lots of money and push one’s financial limit because there is one for everyone when it comes to cruising. There are always some cheap deals available elsewhere – so many to choose from especially when you search online. Finding one that fits your budget is easy. Subscribing to newsletters from major cruise lines can keep you updated and will let you know the best deals early. This gives you an edge among the rest, and a chance to grab the best deals and the best cabin available.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Cruising

A cruise holiday always sounds tempting. The invitation to luxury and comfort as you traverse through the vast, calm seas – it is just so wonderful that people will find it difficult to say no. Cruising promises a variety of opportunities to people who try it, just as much as traveling by land or air do. It is a perfect option for those who want to obtain a terrific holiday experience.
But for some first timers, cruising can be a little scary – unless they know the following:

1. It’s impossible to get bored aboard.
What makes cruising terrific is that it never runs out of entertainment choices for its passengers. From day to night, people are given something to do. Aside from the usual facilities which guests can enjoy, events are held to keep the interests of people hyped up. Parties, games, performances and others are held.

2. There are various types of cruises.
One common notion about cruising is there is just one type of it. But there are actually a lot. First, cruises vary in destination. While some ships voyage through Asian seas only, some can actually reach Europe or the Americas. The duration of the trip may last from three days to two weeks; and ships can be themed – not just the general luxurious idea.

3. Cruising is for all ages.

Cruising is a best family activity. | Photo by Royal Caribbean Cruises

Cruising is a best family activity. | Photo by Royal Caribbean Cruises

As said earlier, cruise ships provide all sorts of entertainment to people. Adults may attend formal parties or spend their nights watching performances or enjoying at the casino. Teens have the bars and restaurants in which they can mingle with others aboard. And kids? Kids can stay at the kids’ center where they can learn different educational stuffs as they play with other young ones. Now who said cruising is just for the old ones?

4. Whatever class your lifestyle belongs, you’re allowed to go on a cruise.
If you have watched Titanic, you would most likely understand that cruising isn’t just for the regal ones wearing formal wears. It is also for the middle-class people who prefer jeans and shirts. So whatever a passenger’s lifestyle is, cruising will definitely be able to handle it.

5. Cruising isn’t just about the seas.
One common notion about this type of holiday is that you spend the whole time in the middle of the sea. But that’s not true at most times. What people should understand is that cruise ships do dock in beautiful places in which passengers can roam around for a certain time – hours or days. The ships, no matter how complete it is, are often still a mode of transportation that would bring you to something more beautiful.

6. Seasickness can be prevented.
It can be really painful for passengers who easily suffer from seasickness; but cruise ships nowadays – blessed with advanced technology – are now more stabilized. More sets of equipment to lessen the motion are fixated on these vessels, assuring passengers a better experience.

7. Accommodation is varied.

Cruise CabinCruise ships are like hotels, complete with accommodation. Though some cabins may be quite small for one’s liking, there are still suites that are spacious enough for the whole family. These rooms are well-furnished with opulent amenities which guests can use throughout their stay.

8. You can stay fit and healthy on board.
Health junkies always think that going on a cruise will most likely ruin their exercise schemes. Well, it won’t. Because you can jog, swim in a lap pool, or play tennis or basketball in a cruise ship. Amenities like such are provided and people can always use that. Most cruise ships are even equipped with high-standard fitness center and spa.

9. It is worth it.
Passengers who had decided to splurge can attest that cruising is definitely worth it. The experience is surely memorable and could drive them to actually going on a cruise again.

10. It is not always expensive.
For many, cruising is synonymous to luxury – and is thus a pain in the budget. But people should understand that it can also be affordable, thanks to the Singapore cruise promotions made available by top travel agencies. Potential cruisers may check the different deals online.

People should not drown on the common misconceptions about cruising, and just pay attention to the positive side of it. There are lots of wonderful things which await people who are willing to try. So take the first step on experiencing this amazing adventure through the seas!

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Familiarizing Yourself with Public Transportation in Bangkok

One of the most in-demand tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, Bangkok enjoys a consistently high statistics of tourist arrival every year. People coming from all parts of the world, flock in to the beautiful ‘Land of Smiles’ to experience the exciting and unique culture of Thailand.

As the capital city of the said country, Bangkok is the political, cultural, entertainment and financial center. The place exhibits the marvelous fusion of these social divisions, creating a spectacular spectacle worth witnessing.

All it takes is to avail flights to Bangkok.  But to get around, there are several options to get familiar with:

City Line Airport Rail Link – This is basically a separate rail network that connects the Suvarnabhumi International Airport to the main city in a matter of 15-30 minutes. It is connected to BTS via the Makkasan Station.

The City Line is a blue train.

City Line Airport Rail Link (Blue Train)

City Line Airport Rail Link (Blue Train)

Taxi – Bangkok’s roads are basically dominated by taxis. Locals and foreigners alike can go to wherever part of the city with this comfortable mode of transportation. But sometimes, it can be a little daunting too, especially because traffic in Bangkok is often congested. Plus, there are lots of issues going on about scamming taxi drivers. Commuting tourists should therefore always be careful.

taxi in Bangkok

One of the many colorful taxis in Bangkok

Bangkok Transit System (BTS) Skytrain – One of the easiest ways to get to famous places around Bangkok is through the Bangkok Train System. Being in operation for just more than a decade, it has served millions of daily commuters already. It has two lines (Sukhumvit and Silom) and fares range between 15 and 40 Baht, one way. It is also known as the Skytrain.

Bangkok Transit System (BTS) Skytrain

Bangkok Transit System (BTS) Skytrain

Mass Rail Transportation – Also known as the Metro, the MRT is another convenient way to get transported to places around the city. It is the portal to connect commuters to the northern part of Bangkok, and has stop in the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Mass Rail Transportation (MRT)

Mass Rail Transportation (MRT)| Credits: GoBangkok

Motorbike Taxi – Definitely unique, motorbike taxis are the usual options for commuters who are rushing to get to their destinations. Defying the congested traffic is never a problem because motors can overtake cars easily. It is cheap and adventurous, but some drivers can be totally reckless that passengers can end up bruised, scratched or wounded. But at least, helmets are available.

Motorbike taxis in Bangkok

The Motorbike Taxi drivers in uniform | Credits: ThaiCentrum

Tuktuk – They say that no tour around Bangkok will ever be complete without riding a tuktuk. There are tri-cycled vehicles quite native to Thailand. Locals don’t usually prefer this, especially because it has no meter. But tourists are often convinced and drivers usually take advantage. Sad but true.



Bus – Yes, there are buses in Bangkok but it’s as if those who have stayed in the city for like a few months will understand this system. There’s no definite timetable and it can be quite behind the schedule all the time. Tourists are advised to try this mode of transportation only if coming with a person familiar with it.

Bangkok's Public bus

Bangkok’s Public bus

A private tour bus

A private tour bus in the city

There is a possibility for people to rent cars to use to get around. However, a person able to visit the city or go on Bangkok city tour will most likely want to stay within the budget, so commuting will be the best idea. Generally, using the public transportation in the city is safe as long as people are informed. Tourists are then advised to get to know more things about these things before flying off to the city. That’s the best way to fully enjoy the experience.

Where to Go When You’re in Europe

If there is one dream destination that most travelers actually share, it’s probably Europe. The continent has always been looked up to as the epitome of sophistication, vintage aesthetics, stunning architecture, and a lot more. With all these in mind, it is easy to comprehend why this side of the world is constantly visited by many travelers coming from all across the globe.

Composed of more or less 50 countries, this continent promises a lot of breathtaking sights and sceneries. Tourists, historians, or just plain travelers will surely be fascinated on what it has to offer. From cities to cities, there are always some things, places, or culture to look forward to. Whether due to its immaculate beauty, historical importance, or just plain attractions, people will surely fall in love with Europe.

There is so much to do, see and encounter in that lavish place on Earth; and here are some of the most interesting destinations to visit:

Abbey Road – If you’re a fan of The Beatles, then you must know Abbey Road. This last and most successful album from the phenomenal band has the four members crossing a pedestrian in a line in its cover. Since then, people travel to Europe to take a picture there.

Abbey Road

Stowe House – Located in the County of Buckingham, the Stowe House is an independent school that is considered as the most beautiful in the world. It takes pride not just on its education but on how it actually looks like. The buildings exuding an impeccable vintage elegant charm complement the stunning landscape that surrounds the whole attraction. Well, it’s not entirely a surprise as the county is basically known for its magnificent stretches of greens.

Stowe House, County of Buckingham


Sistine Chapel – Religion-wise, the Sistine Chapel is one of the most important pilgrim destinations for many Catholics. Located in the grounds of the Vatican City, this is where papal conclaves are held to elect a new pope. However, even non-Catholics are attracted to this piece of architecture. Why not? The ceiling of Sistine Chapel boasts of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, as commissioned by Pope Julius II, depicting the stories in the Book of Genesis.

Sistine Chapel's magnificent interior

Sistine Chapel’s Intricate Interior Design

St. Peter’s Square – There is no way you could visit Sistine Chapel and not drop by St. Peter’s Square. It is where Catholics from all over the world convene to hear mass or listen to the pope’s message. It is a sacred place adorned with so stunning masterpieces from artisans of the past centuries, and is where St. Peter’s Basilica can be found.

St. Peter's Square (Rome)

Bird’s Eyeview of St. Peter’s Square (Rome)

Brescia – This part in Italy has an interesting background that draws people to it. This city is initially known for its world-renowned violins and interesting architectures. But it is actually more famed for being the starting and ending point of the acclaimed Mille Miglia, a historical yet dangerous car racing event in Italy.

Brescia, Italy

Incredible Sunset at Brescia, Italy

Santorini – Santorini is an island that is actually a remnant of a volcanic caldera in Greece, which is now beautified by cobblestoned streets and whitewashed walls with jade green and blue roofs. The beauty of the area is definitely astounding especially when the whole place’s lit up by charming lights at night.

Santorini, Greece

Breathtaking View at Santorini, Greece

Paris – Paris is like synonymous to Europe. Tagged as the City of Romance, it is a dream destination for many couples. Wedding proposals are usually held at the Eiffel Tower and it’s probably one of the most romantic places ever. Paris is also known as the City of Style so fashionistas better get going!

Iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris

Iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris

Venice – Next to Paris, the place in Europe which most couples opt to go to is Venice. It’s a quaint city in Italy which is known for its lovely canals. People can sail through these picturesque waterways by riding gondolas. For a price, the gondollers can even serenade you with lovely songs.

Gondola ride at Venice canal

Gondola ride at Venice canal

Transylvania – If you are a fan of Dracula, then you should visit this city in Romania. In Transylvania, you can even see magnificent castles and fortresses from the past eras. The list includes the famous Bran Castle, which is connected to Count Dracula.

Bran Castle, Transylvania

Disney-like Bran Castle, Transylvania

Northumberland – Located in Northeast England, the country of Northumberland may just be a place you would pass of as beautiful; but if you are a fan of the multi-million franchises of Harry Potter, this would mean heaven to you as the county is the home to Alnwick Castle, the place where exterior scenes of the films were shot.

The Alnwick Castle

The Alnwick Castle

Scene from Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone movie

A scene from Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone movie | Credits : Warner Bros.

The amount of excitement that comes with European tours is beyond the skies, to be honest. That’s why if you have the chance, grab it! There are so many options to choose from in the internet. Choose one that best fits your preferences, and make sure the travel agent is worth your trust. Good luck and bon voyage!

Why You Need to Hire a Cruise Specialist

The main goal of many travelers who love to go for cruising is to relax, and this should include the booking process. As we all know, booking cruises could be a little daunting. There are lots of things to bear in mind, process and settle for a really astounding and hassle-free experience. People who are not so much into these kinds of stuffs, especially the first timers, will find it entirely difficult. And so the need for a cruise specialist is inevitable.

“But what does a cruise specialist actually do?

  • They offer you wonderful options

Contrary to popular belief, there is a wide array of cruises available in the market. Finding one that suits your preferences can be a little difficult, especially if you are on the indecisive side. What a cruise specialist does then is to break down the options and limit it to what you will really want. Armed with experience, these people will certainly provide you with fantastic choices, and may help you arrive at a decision.

  • They get the great deals

cruise dealsThe best thing about having a cruise specialist is that they can grab the best deals for you. Meaning, they can find the cruise of your dream that will fit your budget. They know the different cruise promotions available. These people sometimes even design itineraries just so they can satisfy their clients, and that’s a good thing! An awesome experience for a budget-friendly rate – it’s certainly going to be perfect!

  • They take you out of the ruckus of booking

If you’ve tried it once, booking can be terribly daunting. Although some may lure you into thinking that it’s just a few clicks away, there are still so much things to do than clicking that ‘OKAY’ button on your computer. Booking requires submitting all sorts of travel documents, or settling the payment, or getting a visa or travel permits – and that means your time getting eaten up. Cruise specialists will take care of those issues for you. That’s their job.

  • They take care of your demands

cruise guests

Admit it, people joining cruises from Singapore can really get demanding sometimes; and that’s what a cruise specialist specializes in. They attend to their client’s requests and make sure that it all gets served before, during and after the cruise. Their constant priority is the satisfaction of their customers so as long as it is possible and within their means, they will definitely try to come around with your requests.

Cruisers, particularly the first timers, tend to have loads of questions about the activities on board. That’s when cruise specialists become big help. They answer questions to not leave you hanging. They provide assistance to make your cruise trip a much more memorable one.

These specialists are like life-savers for many travelers who are into cruising. So rather than doing things on your own, it is advisable that you seek for their help – because they’re willing to render their service for your satisfaction.